RETURN OF MERCHANDISE: No merchandise may be returned unless authorization has been first obtained from Macromatic. Only products of standard and current design that have been manufactured within the previous 12 months may be returned for credit.
Products of special(custom) design can only be returned for repair or replacement under the specific terms applicable. All encapsulated products returned for credit are subject to a 50% restock fee. All other products returned for credit are subject to a 25%
restocking fee.

We will not accept returned merchandise without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

Authorized product must be received at Macromatic within 30 calendar days of authorization to avoid RMA cancellation.

RMA’s must be initiated by the company which purchased the product directly from Macromatic. For example, an OEM that purchased the product from ABC Wholesale should direct ABC Wholesale to create the new RMA from this portal.

1. Create a Request for RMA by logging in to our RMA website. If you do not have an account yet, please click SIGNUP and provide accurate information such as name, shipping address and a valid email address.

2. Please provide a detailed description of the reason for returning the product.

3. We will review your request within 2 business days. Do not send your item until you have received an RMA Number. You will receive a notification email when your RMA Request is approved. You can also log in to our system anytime to check the status of your request.

4. Upon receiving an RMA Number, login to our website to print your RMA form and packaging slip. Ship your item back to Macromatic.

5. You can monitor the status of your return (24x7) by logging into our returns website,